Crisis is Catalyst

Hello! I’m Neelu

I counsel deep souls, deep thinkers, creators of beautiful ways of living in Greater Lafayette, Indiana who may find themselves in a moment of crisis – a relationship crisis, internal crisis, health crisis, crisis of will or creativity crisis.

You are the ones who, when in crisis, question deeply, yearn to create changes within and with others, aim for self-evolution, enlighten yourselves.

The emergency at hand for you is to access your full potential in this critical moment – to heal, evolve, know thyself, know others, and emerge whole, a better person from moving through this crisis.

I have powerful conversations with people like you every day. I ask compelling questions. I challenge you to move from comfort zone to creative expression and creative solution when in crisis.

In our inspiring relationship, we will figure out how you can become a powerful creator, an expansive thinker, a deep soul, a tiny bit enlightened with each unfolding of Self that this crisis is opening up for you.

When we work together, we explore:

  • How to show up in a powerful and vulnerable way for yourself, in your relationships and in your life’s work to move through crisis to a place of power within and with others.
  • Identify what you need to let this crisis serve as your catalyst to create a deeply meaningful life, deeply meaningful relationships, and to pursue your higher purposes going forward.
  • Love the people you love, even through this crisis.
  • Love and create life like you want, even through this crisis.

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Emergency Healing – Neelu Chawla, MS, LMFT