I Believe in You

I believe you have a powerful brain and a tender heart. The power of your thoughts is awesome. The depths of your heart, infinite.

When you encounter crisis – a crisis in a relationship, crisis within, crisis at work, health crisis – you begin thinking about deepening your healing potential, expanding your mind, finding creative solutions, and realizing the infiniteness of your capacity to access your best self even in the worst of circumstances. You activate your ability to access and create your best self.

Take this moment to share something about yourself. What is your crisis? What do you want from yourself right now? What can you do differently today in your relationships? How is this critical moment an opportunity to access your highest, best self? I honor your internal dialogue, self-reflection, and creative journey.

Let’s begin a dialogue. Recruit me as your partner on this journey. Our work together is to deepen and hone your daily practice of compassion and commitment on this life long path of journeying within and journeying with others, whether through critical moments, crisis, or when calm.

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Neelu Chawla, MS, LMFT

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